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Guijuelo leads the Iberian Forum with the Minister of Agriculture

The mayor, Francisco Julián Ramos Manzano, defender of the industry chacinera as motor of the economy Guijuelense, attended this morning to the Forum of the Iberian Sector organized by the provincial newspaper 'The Gazette' and that counted with the presence of Isabel Garci'a Tejerina, minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment.

The minister, who greeted the first Guijuelo mayor, stressed the role of a sector such as the Iberian of which he said "makes Castilla and Leon the Spanish community with greater production." Something that is due in large part to the activity that takes place in Guijuelo. "In 2015, 2.7 million pigs were slaughtered throughout Spain, while last year the figure increased to 3.1 million head. 75% of them are killed in Castile and Leon and most of that percentage is sacrificed in Guijuelo and its area of ??influence, "added Julián Martín Guijuelo entrepreneur who participated as a speaker for sponsoring, next to the Guijuelo City Council that bet by this forum as scenario to analyze the reality and current of the sector.

Today in Salamanca was spoken of the Iberian and a good representation of the entrepreneurship of the Villa chacinera and the Denomination of Origin was in the Palace of Figueroa. "Denominations of origin serve us to value the quality of a product, to tell the world that it is something extraordinary like the ham that is produced in Guijuelo," the minister added in statements to reporters who promised to " continue working and promoting the DO because it is one of the best signal of quality of the products ". Later, in a more relaxed atmosphere, the minister analyzed other aspects such as the application of the Iberian norm. "The norm has saved the hut of the Iberian and the Dehesa," he said, asserting that its application had a direct influence on the economy, as "has led to the improvement of prices. The previous rule had caused a deterioration of the product, "he said.

"When we came to the government there was a demand from the sector for effective controls. Now with more than 3 million sacrifices of certified animals we can say that the Dehesa is preserved but not only that, it has served to prime quality in all production styles, give guarantees and offer better information to the consumer, "García said Tejerina who stressed that Salamanca "gathers better than any other province of Spain all types of breeding Iberian."

For its part, the Guijuelan entrepreneurs Julián Martín summarized in a clear and concise manner, how the industrialists have 'survived' the crisis. "We have been able to go out into the world," he said, ensuring that the lack of domestic demand faced by an overproduced industry was solved. "And we have positively faced the classification of the sector that came from the hand of the Iberian norm," he added. "Now," he said, "we must reflect on the healing process over which there is no category and defend the Iberian name in all international markets."

As better opportunities for the industry, Julián Martín said that there is the high consideration that exists about the product and the new possibilities that are emerging in the world of restoration and as a threat: "To think that the sector is divided into communities," he said. without ceasing to extol the work that is done in the Villa where he said "we have the best slaughterhouses and the best dryers in all of Spain."

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