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Slaughterhouses continue to record and slaughter 131,000 Iberian pigs in a week

131,000 pigs slaughtered. That has been the brutal number of animals that has passed through the Spanish slaughterhouses (mainly Guijuelo) in the week of February 20 to 26, a number that has become a new record.

At least that is what indicates the data of Asici offered in the table of Iberian pork by the president of the same, that assure that the sacrifice of acorn has increased in 9,000 animals in the last week with a decrease in the weights of 3, 5 kilograms. In terms of field bait, the weight has increased by 1.3 kilos and the number of sacrifices has increased by more than 1,000, while in bait, the weight has dropped by 1.5 kilos and the number of animals has decreased by 6,000, all data from the previous week. The forecasts of the end of slaughter of the acorn aim at the middle of the month of March, at least in the current volume.

In addition, Fernando Santos, member of the industrial sector of the pork table, said that since the 52nd week of 2016 (last December), "up to now, almost 500,000 pigs have been slaughtered , a figure very similar to that of the previous year. "

On the other hand, as far as the actual price is concerned, the pigs of bait and of field bait repeated the value of the last week, demanded the industrialists a decrease of 0.01 euros and the cattlemen a repetition, without more controversy. The piglets increased their price again, 0.03 euros, with a repetition of pigs and tostones.

In the target, a new rise in the price of all categories due to the lowering of the weights and the situation in Germany, increasing by 0.02 euros the price of the select and normal categories, 0.01 euros the fat and sows and a euro plus piglets.

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