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The Carne Technology Station hosts a conference on internationalization

The Technological Institute of Meat has hosted a technical day that has dealt with certification and export of meat products. With the title 'Quality and Export', it was emphasized that Spain is the fourth pig exporting country in the world, with a quota of 8% of the total, so maintaining high quality standards is paramount to maintain a thriving industry and growing. Around fifty professionals participated in the activity, which began early in the morning. The proposal has been organized by the General Foundation of the University of Salamanca (USAL), USAL's Amiga Company, the Agrarian Technological Institute, Bureau Veritas, Novadelta and Easy Q.

To welcome, the opening speech was given by Ángel Picado, secretary of the Meat Industries Association and deputy mayor of Guijuelo Town Hall. He stressed the importance of continuing to hold technical meetings to maximize the high quality of Guijuelo products. Then it was Beatriz García, from the company Novadelta, who took over to talk about the IFS / BRC certification. Mónica Sanzo, of the Bureau Veritas group, then dealt with regulatory inspections in the slaughtering industry.

After a break for a coffee, continued with the certification schemes, one of the most interesting temas for the attendees. A lecture by Adrián Martínez, Bureau Veritas SW Europe, who detailed the most used certification schemes and those that contribute more value to products such as meat, both inside and outside the European Union. Juan José Ortega, head of the Subdirectorate General of Sanitary Agreements and Control in Border, dealt with the export, and in particular on the Royal Decree 993/2014. It was pointed out that companies should be very attentive to changes in regulations that can occur in very short time intervals, even a few years. Being prepared for regulations is the best way to be competitive for all companies, including small and medium-sized companies. The day came to an end with the last talk, about computerization of quality control, by Gonzalo García, Easy Q, and the round table, in which those present raised questions and questions to the speakers.

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