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Slaughterhouse of Guijuelo MEAT INDUSTRY AND ITS EVOLUTION

In 1979, MAGUISA slaughterhouse began to provide its services in Guijuelo (Salamanca) with the aim of providing industries with the support which they lacked until then. Specifically, common services such as the slaughter and quartering of Iberian pork are integrated in exclusive, since all the partners were and are industrialists that dedicate to this sector. Even since the beginning, it provided a huge added value to each customer as it had refrigerating and processes technology and access to products and by-products that until then they could not commercialize: “There is strength in numbers”.

The example that serves as a model is the smelting of fats that assesses the by-products of the Iberian pork, transforming the fat of this Iberian pork into food fat of the highest quality by means of the smelting process. Currently we have a factory completely made of stainless steel which, due to its hygienic, sanitary and technological characteristics and because it is next to the quartering room and thus the origin of the raw material, make a unique product worldwide.All our facilities, the qualification and the commitment of our personnel and our technology are not already focused to comply with any of the regulations at international level, but above all the expectations of the client. We are not only the slaughterhouse specialized in Iberian pork with a lot of tradition, but we also aim to be at the forefront in sanitary accreditations, energy efficiency, behavioral safety and animal welfare issues, applying each year process improvements in these areas.We integrate in a single production center both the slaughtering, quartering as well as fats smelting, which allows us to have a strict control of the whole production chain. MAGUISA has state-of-the-art technologies that allow it at all times to be a leader in competitiveness and productivity in all markets, as well as facilitating an unbeatable service providing. Quality is the benchmark of the company and all the activity is aimed at making it always superior.

According to this premise, MAGUISA perfectly meets the sanitary standards of food safety and environmental respect.We care about animal welfare, that is why we meet the requirements of the European Standard of Animal Welfare and we can guarantee the comfort of the animals, from their arrival to our facilities until the moment of the slaughter.All this is possible thanks to not only our team that works tirelessly to comply with quality at all levels, but also to the latest state-of-the-art technology that is used. Nowadays and thanks to the investments made, MAGUISA continues at the forefront of the sector in terms of quality, and with the prospect of new improvements that will always try to satisfy any requirement on the part of our customers. MAGUISA has certificate ISO 9001: 2008 and we work to obtain the BRC and IFS food safety certifications. It is authorized to export to Argentina, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Colombia, South Korea, Costa Rica, Morocco, Cuba, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Ghana, Mauritius, New Zealand, Namibia, Lebanon, Macedonia, Mongolia, Montenegro, New Caledonia, Serbia, Peru, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, Mexico, Vietnam and the Dominican Republic.

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