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MAGUISA specializes in the slaughtering and quartering of Iberian pork. It has a slaughtering capacity of 432,000 kg per day and a surface of 2,280 cubic meters for carcass airing. Pigs are always desensitized before slaughtering as decreed by the legislation in this regard. Because of the special characteristics of the Iberian pork, with some of the products aimed to be cured, it is of special interest to apply any improvement in animal welfare issues (rest in the stables, unloading from trucks, stress reduction, application of premortem anesthetic discharge, etc.), since it directly affects the quality of the pieces once cured.

We care about animal welfare, that is why we meet the requirements of the European Standard of Animal Welfare and we can guarantee the comfort of the animals, from their arrival to our facilities until the moment of the slaughter.

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